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Roof Coatings: What are the Benefits for your Commercial Roof?

If your commercial roof isn’t in the best condition and you’ve thought about the costly option of a replacement, there is another option that could save you money: roof coatings.

What Are Roof Coatings?

Roof Coatings are what you’d guess. Material is coated onto a damaged or old roof system to maintain it and avoid total replacement. Here at Bond Roofing, we install acrylic and silicone coatings, and the material we use depends on your roof. Specific roofing types are better suited for coatings than others. Installation of coatings on metal roofing occurs more than any other roofing type; they are an excellent solution for deteriorating metal roofs. Coatings are white, which means they often improve the energy efficiency of the roof. Some building owners even choose to coat a dark roof for this reason.

As we said, the kind of coating we use depends on your roofing type and specific needs. However, the most common varieties we use at Bond are from GAF– Hydro-Stop PremiumCoat Acrylic and Unisil Silicone.

Does My Roof Qualify for Coatings? 

By code, no no building can have more than two roofing systems installed. If your commercial building has a second roof overlaying the original roof, you are a candidate! But that isn’t a guarantee that we can coat your roof.

We cannot coat a roof that contains moisture, so building owners must address roof problems before there are several leaks. Don’t wait until the roof is a real problem. Once water intrusion is widespread, a complete tear-off is the only option, and it will cost significantly more than a coating.

Benefits of Coatings

The primary advantage of coating is avoiding a costly tear-off. Coatings are a lower-cost option than total roof replacement and they are easily renewable. However, they don’t last forever. You’ll need a new layer once every 10-20 years, depending on the type of coating system initially installed. Sometimes, the old coating can be cleaned up and re-coated to extend the manufacturer’s warranty.

Additionally, coatings are versatile. Aside from roofing, we use coatings on walls, masonry or stone chimneys, walkable balconies and terraces, and even planters and fountains.

Don’t think you have to go with a tear-off and total roof replacement! Contact us for more details about coatings, and we are here to answer any questions about your roofing needs.