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10 Signs of a Quality Roofing Company

With so many roofing options in the Triangle area, you have many contractors from which to choose. Working with a quality roofing company is critical for several reasons. After all, your roof is an expensive investment and you want to feel confident that the work is done well for a fair price.

You should have full confidence in the company before signing a contract. If you feel something isn’t right, it probably isn’t. Other than your gut feeling, here are some signs you are working with a quality roofing company.

1. Contract – Everything should be in writing. The contract should lay out the details of the work to be performed, what materials will be used, fixed costs, how changes to the scope are to be handled, warranty information, payment terms, and approximate timeline of completion.

2. Experience – Look for companies that have been around for a long while. When a contractor has been in business for a decade or longer, it’s a pretty good indicator they not only have the roofing experience to deliver a good product but the financial soundness to stand behind that product down the road. With 17 years of Raleigh roofing under our belts, the Bond team is highly experienced and does a phenomenal job with even the most challenging commercial and residential roofing projects. If you feel comfortable with a newer team, that’s fine. We all had to start somewhere!

3. References and Reviews – You might ask your potential contractor for references but no contractor is going to give you a list of bad references.  Ask about their portfolio of work – have they completed other projects nearby?  Have they installed your proposed roofing system on other homes they can share with you? Can they share the last 10 projects they completed?   Additionally, check online reviews. While few businesses will have an honest 5-star rating, you should see mainly positive reviews. The number of stars may not tell the whole story. Read the negative reviews to decide if those people have a point or something else might be going on.

4. Word of Mouth – How you heard about the roofer matters. We’ve had clients tell us someone knocked on their door and told them they need a new roof or offer a free roof inspection. You probably wouldn’t allow a stranger in your house, why allow one on top of it.

5. Local – Is the contractor established in your community or did they just appear in the market recently?  Do they have an actual place of business and a local phone number?  We have too many horror stories of contractors doing shoddy work and then skipping town.

6. Licensed – This may be a no-brainer, but you should never work with a contractor that isn’t licensed. A license ensures that the team is equipped to handle the work you have requested and know codes and laws specific to the project. If there will be any heavy machinery involved in the project, be sure the company is licensed to work with that as well. You can easily search the database of the North Carolina Licensing Board for General Contractors. Projects under $30,000 don’t require a licensed contractor but you might prefer someone who has that extra level of credibility.

7. Insured – Your contractor should be properly insured.  What if there is property damage or someone gets hurt during your project?  You certainly don’t want to be on the hook.  Contractors should carry general liability and workers compensation insurance at a minimum. Preferably they will also have auto coverage and umbrella coverage.  Ask for a copy of the insurance certificate and request the certificate be sent directly to you from their insurance agent.

8. Sensible Billing – Ask about their billing process and payment terms. If the contractor is asking for a large portion of money in advance or accepts only cash, hire another roofer.  Never pay more than 10% upfront and never pay a deposit in cash.

9. Portfolio – We touched on this earlier but a quality contractor will share photos and details about past projects so you can see his or her work. Be sure to ask when those jobs occurred; you want more recent examples and ask about projects similar to yours.

10. Warranties – The roofing material you choose comes with a product warranty that varies by manufacturer and product. However, your roofing team should also offer a warranty for the installation, called the workmanship warranty. For example, ours is 10 years. Some roofers only guarantee the work for one or two years.

Now that you know some of the most apparent signs of a quality roofing company, we hope your decision will be made a bit easier. If you are interested in roof repair or replacement for your home or business, contact the Bond team today.