Residential Roofing Tips

How to Choose the Right Roof for your House and Budget

Choosing a roof for your home or business isn’t as simple as it sounds. There are endless factors that go into picking out a roof that you probably haven’t considered — aside from style and budget. Let’s go over the main factors you’ll want to keep in mind when picking out roofing material.

Slope – The slope of a roof is its vertical rise in inches over its horizontal run. In some cases, the slope of the roof will dictate the type of roofing. North Carolina Building Code and manufacturers require a minimum slope of 2:12 for asphalt shingles. If your roof’s slope is below 2:12, you’ll need a metal or flat roof system, such as a membrane roof.

Location – Buildings and homes in high wind zones that exist in the coastal and mountainous parts of our state might be better suited for metal. Another thing to consider is the location of trees on your property. If your home or business has a significant tree canopy, your roof will need to be made of a material that can withstand fallen tree branches.

Environmentally Friendly – You might have concerns about the environmental friendliness of the material. Materials for composite and metal roofs contain more recycled content than asphalt shingles. We are happy to provide environmentally friendly roofing materials here at Bond Roofing.

Energy Efficiency – If energy efficiency is your goal, we have options that help avoid wasted energy. Metal and white membrane roofs keep attics and buildings cooler than most shingle roofs. Metal roofing reflects heat while shingle roofing absorbs it. Metal roofing is useful if you live in a hot climate or an area with hot summers like those in Raleigh and Durham. Choosing one of these energy-efficient options will keep your electricity bill down during hot summer months.

Building Use – Of course, a commercial roof is different than how you’d cover your house. And a roof that might work for a clothing boutique won’t work the same for a greasy fast food restaurant. Keep building usage in mind when discussing your options.

Depending on the roofing material you choose, your roof could last a lifetime.

Whether you are interested in asphalt shingles, metal, copper roofing, you should have a better idea of what you’re looking for and if it will work for your space. Contact us today to discuss roofing options for your home or business.