Copper roofing is considered by many to be the most attractive roofing option. This naturally weathering material is very popular and can be used as a full roof or as a component in any roofing system, commercial or residential.

The Advantages of a Copper Roof

Copper roofs have been installed for centuries, and it’s easy to see why. Aside from their aesthetic appeal, copper’s durability is unmatched, with roofs lasting for more than 100 years. While copper has a higher installation cost, its durability means a lifetime of value.

New copper will have the bright, shiny appearance with which we are all familiar – like a new penny. As copper ages, its appearance will take on pinks, reds with yellow, blues, and purples and then turn to a relatively uniform brown. In some climates and locations, the natural patina of copper will form in as few as six to seven years, but in other climates, it may never form.

Regardless of its stage in the weathering cycle, copper always maintains an elegant appearance in any application and pairs well with most building colors and materials. While a great choice for a new roof, copper is also a perfect choice for bay windows, ledges, accents, accessories, or as a flashing material.

Furthermore, copper is lightweight, which means it puts far less stress on your home. It is also energy-efficient and can help control your heating and cooling costs.

Copper Roof: The Cons

Like any roof choice, copper has some downsides. The most obvious con is the higher upfront cost but do be mindful of the low life-cycle cost.

While some like the natural aging of copper, others don’t care for a material that changes colors over time, especially one that doesn’t change consistently.

Finally, and while it’s not really a con, copper work requires a knowledgeable and skilled installer, one that knows the proper techniques for seaming copper and knows how to accommodate the expansion and contraction associated with all metal roofing. Just because anyone can install copper it doesn’t mean that everyone should.


If you’re curious about a copper roof for your home or building, contact us to learn more about the pros and cons or get a cost estimate.

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